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Aquamarine launches Kickstarter

Under the alien sea.

Kickstarter is often the place to go to find some of the most interesting upcoming games on the horizon and Aquamarine is no exception. A small-scale narrative adventure, Aquamarine will be coming to Mac and PC in Spring 2019, and is being created by independent developers Moebial Studios.

Inspired by the comics of French artist Moebius, roguelikes, and ’70s-era psychedelic sci-fi, Aquamarine tells the story of a nameless space traveler who is stranded on an unknown planet covered in water. Players must survive the environment and navigate their escape pod through the alien ocean depths, discovering its hidden past, recovering their crashed ship, and hopefully escaping with their life.

By exploring and experimenting as you navigate the underwater environment, the patterns and natural laws of this world will reveal themselves to you. The planet moves through a complete day and night cycle as you play, reacts to your interactions with the flora and fauna, and maintains its various states every time you return to the game, making the game itself a kind of living organism.

Illustrated entirely by hand, Aquamarine is a beauty to behold. With 23 days left to go in their campaign, you still have plenty of time to learn more about the game. Aquamarine’s Kickstarter page is chock full of everything you need to know.