Techie run and gun Crashbots out on Steam

Take your bot friends out for a run in story or endless mode.

One man studio Neonchimp Games released today Crashbots, a run and gun, shoot ’em up in which players choose among a wide list of different robots, each armed with unique abilities and stats. Story and endless modes are both available to try out for this PC release.

Crashbots was originally released for Android and iOS, and now hits the big leagues with its own Steam release. Crashbots definitely deserved a PC release, as its graphics, gameplay and overall experience was clearly meant for something bigger.

In Crashbot’s world mode players progress through different worlds filled with unique enemies and types of hazards, with the objective of getting to each scenario’s finish line before their robot’s batteries run out of juice. Piercing through enemies, avoiding obstacles and engaging in boss battles define Crashbot’s main story mode.


Endless mode allows players to test their endurance and skills as long as they can last for through the game’s different levels. As Crashbot’s latest press release states, the game features the following key aspects:

  • Arcade/Shoot ‘m up Gameplay.
  • Boss Fights.
  • Auto-Runner.
  • 125 Levels in 5 different worlds.
  • Unlock and upgrade new characters.

This new update of Crashbots is also intended to fit console standards, but there has been no information on the matter regarding any release date or platform. Crashbots is available for PC, Mac & Linux for a price $9,99 / €8,99 / £7,99 with a 10% Launch Discount through Steam.