Dark and Light gets first Expansion

Shard of Faith puts you through your fantasy paces.

Snail Games calls all adventurers to Dark and Light’s new expansion, Shard of Faith. Shard of Faith is the first expansion for the fantasy, survival RPG which is currently available in early access on Steam.

Set in The Dark Plane above Archos, Dark and Light: Shard of Faith opens up a brand new map area and storyline, free of charge for existing players. But new adventurers won’t be left out, as they too can join the crusade for a limited time price of $14.99.

As an expedition force marches towards Ganareth’s Shard, players are invited to take up arms against the darkness. The enemy is strong and all-consuming, but with new powers of the ancient Faiths at your command, you may quell the damned legions, bringing the world back into balance.

“Being in Steam Early Access has always been about realizing the full vision for Dark and Light’s rich, fantasy world through trying different ways to optimize the core experience and introduction of magical and challenging new content,” said Ian Shen, Executive Producer, Snail Games. “Shard of Faith, is a definitive chapter in our game, and development story, as it expands the lore and it brings us a big step closer to Dark and Light being ready for full release…’

To find out more, visit Dark and Light’s fantastical Steam page.