Food Drive enters Early Access

Full of colourful promise.

If a game has an interesting concept behind it, we’re always it’s champion, and Food Drive is brimming with just that kind of promise. Developers Gamers for Good’s second title, Food Drive is now in Early Access on Steam, looking to pique your appetite for fun, racing and food banks.

Food Drive aims to show the world how video games can be used as tools for awareness and giving. This racing adventure wants everyone to be aware of how critical their food bank donations are to helping solve the hunger crisis. The game’s main features are:

  • Get caught up in this arcade race against time to keep everyone in town fed. As you speed around town in a dash to collect food crates and get them distributed to the hungry people you will enjoy beautiful art and catchy tunes.
  • Help feed hungry families in need across various towns.
  • By collecting food and making timely deliveries you can work your way through 3 levels of driving, delivery, and fun.
  • You are given 5 minutes to collect and deliver as many food packages as you can. Try your best to top the leaderboard and be the hunger solution. Collect as many hearts as you can find around the map to unlock new track skins/charities.

Gamers for Good hopes to produce more games for good, that can serve as replicable examples of how developers can add a cause/charity to their own games. Cat Burglar: A Tail of Purrsuit is an example of how any game, even old pre-existing games can have campaigns woven into them without disruption to gameplay in any way. This example sits at one end of the spectrum and is the easiest to implement. We hope to build examples of more integrated causes, monetary campaigns, donation DLC, etc.

Check out Food Drive now in Steam Early Access, which is currently available for free.