Gal Metal

Gal Metal scores a gig on Switch this month

The free-form Rhythm game that will keep you up-beat.

XSEED Games, alongside developer DMM Games, have announced that their rhythm game Gal Metal is coming to Nintendo Switch via the eShop and retail on October 30th, 2018. Turning your Joy-Cons into drumsticks, Gal Metal will get you to rock along with the music in order to repel would-be alien conquerors. This is accomplished by creating complex performances and racking up millions of points using personal free-form drumlines based on over a dozen different beats. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller support is also offered for players so that they can choose how they want to jam and earn metal power to use against these nefarious invaders in this uniquely adlib-friendly rhythm experience.

Some of the key features Gal Metals include are:

Jam Your Way
A new spin on traditional music gameplay, Gal Metal eschews predetermined musical notes and lets the player create their own drumlines based on over a dozen beats. Practice the beats in your club room after school and wrack up unique combos to blow the aliens away in live performances.

Unique Storytelling
Divided up into episodes ending in climactic concerts, the lighthearted story of Gal Metal unfolds in animated manga panels and text messages brimming with personality. The manga reads right-to-left for an authentically Japanese experience.

Be an After-School Specialist
In between performances to take on the pesky aliens, you’ll manage your own life as a student. Improve your skills and friendships by doing part-time jobs, hanging out with your friends, and jamming in the club room.

Show Your True Mettle
While the basic gameplay of Gal Metal is simple to learn, players who master the beats can earn millions of points by creating complex performances. How much metal power can you score?

The retail version of the game, being the “World Tour Edition” will be available for selected retailers for $39.99 and will include of course the game itself, the Encore Pack DLC which includes five new characters with their own unique story episode and song, an owners manual and heavy metal stickers. The digital version of the game will be available for $29.99, with the Encore Pack DLC being also available for purchase at $9.99. At time of writing, pricing for other regions were not available.