Trancelation goes into Early Access

Trance your way to improved language skills.

Trancelation (translation set to trance music, get it?) is an arcade game set in a world of fractals, filled with electronic music and neon-esque atmosphere, and it has just become available in Steam Early Access. Designed to improve our language skills and help to memorize new words, Trancelation aims to be dynamic. Constantly changing environments require players to focus and carefully asses words that pop up on the screen, while navigating through each level, they need to watch out for enemies and rapidly closing in walls.

The newest project from MythicOwl includes about 200 vocabulary lists in 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Polish) so everyone can test their skills straight away. Apart from that, players are able to create and share their own word pairings, adding lots of custom made content from the very start of the Early Access launch. It is also possible to import existing vocabulary lists from the most popular language learning apps.

• A one of a kind mix of classic arcade game and language learning platform
• Fast-paced, engaging gameplay set in a neon, fractal world
• Word association challenges to boost your linguistic skills
• Challenges designed to help you recall foreign words immediately
• A soundtrack that mixes the best of the electronic and trance genres
• An energetic atmosphere drowned in neon esthetics
• The possibility to create your own vocabulary lists and share them with others – infinite amounts of new content!

If you’ve been having trouble with your translations, and trance music is absolutely your jam, check out Trancelation on Steam.