The Away Team: Lost Exodus

The Away Team: Lost Exodus out today

Be a spaceship’s AI and help your crew survive in this narrative, space exploration game.

Washington based indie developers at Underflow Studios have announced today the release of their narrative-driven, space exploration game The Away Team: Lost Exodus. This choose-your-own-adventure, space exploration, narrative-driven sci-fi title puts players in the role of an AI tasked with the survival of its crew.

In this dialogue-based novelistic sci-fi experience players will have to search space for basic survival resources in order to keep this last small group of humans alive and get them a new world to live in. “By the dawn of the 22nd century decades of climate change, warfare, and famine had left Earth in a hopeless state. As a last resort, dozens of AI-piloted spaceships were sent into deep space to find a new home for humanity. Your ship–the fastest, the finest, and the last–carries the last few humans in the galaxy. You are the ship’s AI, and their fate is in your hands.”, reads the game description.

Players will have many choices to make, being the ship’s controlling AI means solving absolutely every problem that may arise through the crew, deciding which course to take and where to look for vital resources and, ultimately, a new home.

The Away Team: Lost Exodus

The Away Team: Lost Exodus features the following main aspects:

  • Your decisions matter. While you may not be immediately certain of their consequences, your choices will echo throughout the game.
  • A novel’s worth of sci-fi adventure. Over 125,000 words featuring the storytelling talent of Michael Fiegel.
  • Everything you see is customizable! All game assets are present in easily editable formats. Drop in new sprites, edit json and lua mission content with a text editor, or use the in-game character creator to make new characters and upload them to the Steam Workshop for others to explore the universe with.
  • Search for humanity’s next home while keeping your crew fed and alive. In a universe full of danger and low on resources, will you be able to save them from starvation, alien hazards, and their own flaws?

If you’re ready to have the future of mankind in your hands, then The Away Team: Lost Exodus is exactly what you’re looking for. The price has increased from USD $2.00 to USD $8.00 now that its new massive update has gone live, adding many new features and an expanded story.