Apparition out now on Steam Early Access

Better get your tiny candle ready.

Apparition, the first-person horror game from solo studio MrCiastku and published by Fat Dog Games, is available now on Steam Early Access.

In Apparition, players will find themselves on the road looking for clues and evidence of supernatural nasties. Communicate with the undead using the Ouija board and then record evidence of the spirits with your camera and audio recorder. Explore for supplies and evidence of the paranormal. The more evidence you gather the more points you will gain to unlock new equipment. Be wary, however, these restless spirits are dangerous and you have no defense against them if they find you.

Filled with tension and horror lurking around every corner, players must choose to risk staying longer to uncover more mysteries and gather more evidence or escape before what haunts the area makes sure you never leave.

Some things to expect from the game are:

  • Tense horror atmosphere.
  • Uncover clues, evidence and speak to ghosts through the Ouija board.
  • Record a variety of ghost, ghouls, demons, and other apparitions.
  • Gain points by capturing evidence of the paranormal, but you’ll have to escape to keep them.
  • Upgrade your equipment and gear to explore further and uncover more mysteries.
  • Explore the environment to find resources and craft supplies.

Apparition is available on Steam Early Access now for $9.99 and will have multi-language support post-launch.