CMMN CLRS announce new game PRIM

A Tim Burton-esque point-and-click experience.

German developers CMMN CLRS, makers of Sidekick High which ranked highly in the 2017 Adventure Jam, have announced their new game PRIM for some time in 2019.

In this creepy 2D-Point’n’Click adventure game, you play as Prim, Death’s daughter, as she journeys through the Land of the Dead. This unique narrative is supported by a black-and-white, Tim Burton-esque art style. Prim is a troubled protagonists; every night, she has the same dream wherein an oddly familiar human boy cries out for her help. Although she has tried to answer his call, The Grim Reaper (otherwise known as her Dad) has strictly forbidden her to enter the Realm of the Living. But there is no stopping Prim. Play as Death’s daughter and switch between the Land of the Dead and the Realm of the Living, solve puzzles, meet restless souls and finally uncover a carefully-hidden secret.

When fully developed the game will feature an orchestral soundtrack supported by professional voice acting, as well as a distinctive art style developed by lead artist, Mexican comic artist Oskar Alvarado, an expert for the dark and macabre.

Thats all we know of PRIM so far. The team at CMMN CLRS have released the first announcement trailer of the game, which is still in development. The first demo will appear some time in mid-2019.