Toby Fox releases free Undertale game ‘Deltarune’

Is this Undertale 2? A prequel? We’ll leave you to explore for yourself.

Undertale creator Toby Fox caused some excitement on the game’s Twitter account yesterday when he suggested that he may be announcing a new project today, leading many people to speculate that Undertale 2 may be about to be unveiled.

“I have […] something I want to show you,” the account tweeted, “something I think you will find very very interesting.

“But it is not complete yet. […] Return here in 24 hours. At that time, I will ask you a few questions. Then, using your responses, we will approach its realization.”

Now, the enigmatic developer has invited players to download a “survey application” called ‘Deltarune’ – which is not only an anagram of Undertale but also a 3-hour free demo or chapter set in the Undertale universe.

Playing as Kris, a human child being taken care of by Toriel from the original Undertale, who also looks suspiciously like Frisk, you begin with an unusual classroom scenario before quickly finding yourself in a very different place once more.

We’re not yet sure if DELTARUNE Chapter 1 will have follow-up parts, if they’ll be free or if this just a smart way of announcing Undertale 2. Toby Fox has also not yet confirmed if it is a sequel, prequel or something else entirely like an alternate universe scenario, but has vowed to answer questions soon on Twitter.

Either way, if you’re a fan of Undertale it’s something we think you should discover for yourself – head to to download.