Undertale creator needs a team to develop Deltarune

Toby Fox confessed that Deltarune’s development will be much harder than Undertale’s.


“It might be possible to create the game if I’m able to make a team”, confessed Undertale creator Toby Fox, regarding his new project Deltarune, the first chapter of which is available to download for free through the game’s website. This adds to the story related bits he wrote about through his Twitter account.

On a longer excerpt of his self Q/A, Toby Fox shed some light on the development aspects of his new project, Deltarune which, as he confessed, “it’s not possible to make as one person”. Later, he wrote: “However, it MIGHT be possible to create the game if I’m able to make a team.”

Fox might be looking for a supporting team in order to be able to fully develop his next project, after the critically acclaimed success of Undertale. But why is this title so different from his first game, being that it looks pretty familiar? Well, he wrote down a pretty long list of things that will be harder to produce. Here’s the full quote in that regard:

“The graphics are much more complicated and don’t play to my strengths (black and white battle graphics were easy…)
– The battle system is much more complicated due to multiple characters (I’ll write about this later)
– The overworld and other sections are more complicated due to multiple characters
– Having multiple main characters is much harder to write especially introducing everyone properly in chapter 1
– The entire town had to be created correctly on the first try to set up properly for the rest of the game


And further things outside of those:
– Trouble starting tasks/concentrating and general difficulty paying attention
– Travelling / other responsibilities like translation/ports
– Self-doubt / burnout regarding the creation of the game”

Regarding how much time will Deltarune take to develop, Fox said that he’s willing to spend a maximum of 7 years on a game creation process. This really doesn’t tell us much, as it could be a much shorter period of time, as well as a full 7-year stretch.

“So I’m going to try making a team. Because I really want to make this. But I may not be able to succeed because I have no experience successfully directing a team and I have no idea who I’m going to work with. Since I haven’t started assembling the team yet I have absolutely no estimation of its completion. It could take up to 999 years depending on the efficiency level.”, he concluded in a tone that’s hard to determine if it’s closer to being a joke or a confession.

Nevertheless, Undertale fans can be sure that Fox is working on Deltarune and trying to assemble a development team in order to make it possible. In the meantime, everyone cane download Deltarune’s first chapter for free here.