Be a nano-byte inside a computer in Fused

This sci-fi puzzle platformer will be available at some point in Q2 2019. 

Weymouth based one-man indie Ironsmith Studios, lead by Chris Legg, announced today the upcoming release date of its first title ever called Fused, a sci-fi puzzle platformer that takes place inside a retro style computer. Players will take the role of a nano-byte called NF-01 and that calls itself Nigel in its mission to reactivate the complex inner bearings of “Skystar Systems”, the largest computer manufacturing business in this fictional world.

After a myterious overload causes the malfunction of the whole system, Nigel is tasked with repairing all blown fuses across Skystar Systems’ workings with his three main abilities: phasing through barriers, launch pads and speed boosts. These three abilities are recognized by a colour pattern being red, green and blue.

Each level in Fused is designed in a linear way, in the same way that circuit lines carry information back and forth inside a computer. Each of these lines has been designed by Ironsmith Studios to be stunning to the player’s eyes, tainting the whole experience with neon lights and attention-grabbing colours.


Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Fused counts with great looking graphics and visuals, something that is even more highlighted by the emissive lighting used by Chris Legg. Additionally, these are some other features presented by Fused:

  • The player will have the option to use a VR headset to look around the levels and take in its great neon visuals.
  • The game is designed for players of all ages, allowing a wide range of players to dive into the world.
  • Fused has the ability to move onto console, such as Xbox and Playstation.
  • NF-01 is alive with a voice actor who talks directly to the player, given directions and other updated information to help them complete each level.

Ironsmith Studios has already stated that Fused will be just the first title in the Skystar Systems universe, with two more games in Legg’s mind that will configure a trilogy. As its latest press release said, “the second is a 2D side scroll shooter which takes place in an Arcade in the 1980s. This will follow up with a third game which will be full VR focused, set not in the fused cyber-world but the world in which Fused controls, the Skystar Systems.”

Fused will be available in Q2 2019 through Steam. You can learn more about it and the Systar trilogy in Ironsmith Studio’s official website.