Free FPS-MOBA Nanobotic coming out this month

Craft weapons and minions on the go in this futuristic arena.

Free to play FPS-MOBA indie game Nanobotic will be released during the second half of November 2018, according to Croatian studio Frozen Pixel. This futuristic multiplayer arena battle game allows for versatile gameplay where players can craft their own minions and weapons to aid them in battle, as well destroy and repair the environment.

Nanobotic is set in a fictional year 3018 where nanobots have taken control of the planet and humanity is a long lost memory, and where these advanced AI beings have no purpose in life for the coming ages. An internal battle rages and two factions face each other, one of them having managed to create a wormwhole in order to contact humanity back in the past and granting them the power of controlling bots and different machines against the opposing faction.


As with every other MOBA, in this first-person experience players will be tasked with the destruction of their opponent’s base, first having to take down a series of towers located in special rooms along the map. With procedurally generated levels and a fully destructible environment, fast paced gameplay and pretty good looking graphics, Nanobotic will be a must-play for mayhem lovers.

“In Nanobotic you can craft and combine weapon elements to deploy anything from traditional bullets, remote controlled poison bombs, all the way to rockets which heal on impact. Upon release, the game will feature 120 possible weapon combinations, and that number will drastically increase over time.”, reads the game’s official website.

The main currency in Nanobotic are nanobots, obtained when landing a direct hit on an enemy and stored in each team’s bank. These funds can be used to purchase new weapons elements and minions.

Nanobotic will start its Early Access stage through Steam during the second half of November 2018 and will be free to play.