Beholder 2

Beholder 2 sneaks into Steam today

Eavesdrop, spy and climb up this Orwellian Ministry’s ladder. 

Russian indie studio Warm Lamp Games, in conjunction with their fellow publishers at Alawar Premium, have released today the highly awaited Beholder 2. This Orwellian, dystopian adventure and spy simulation game is the second title in the Beholder universe originally released in 2016.

In Beholder 2 we’ll experience a much more 1984 oriented story and, although the original Beholder already counted with many hints and references to Orwell’s book, in this case we’ll take the role of a Ministry employee working in his office and trying to rat out his fellow workers by spying through their stuff and gathering any incriminating evidence against them.

Our goal will be to climb up the Ministry’s ladder as high as we can, and there will be morally dubious actions to consider in order to get there. “You are a newly employed department officer within the Ministry of a totalitarian State. While you are poised to have an illustrious career and possibly become Prime Minister someday, the way up won’t be easy. So, how high up the career ladder will you climb? The choice is still yours to make!”, reads the game description.

Beholder 2

Contrary to what we experienced through Beholder, where we were appointed to discover heretics of the totalitarian State by managing a single building and spying over the tenants, in Beholder 2 we’ll get more freedom in what regards to mobility, with more open areas and a true 3D environment.

Choices will have to be made: will we gather evidence against our fellow workers and throw them to the wolves of the authority by sending an incriminating letter or will we help them by keeping this information to ourselves, risking our own positions and reputations if discovered? Eavesdrop, spy and go through their personal lives, then choose.

Beholder 2 is out now on Steam for USD $14,99.