Firewatch coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Here’s how much you’ll have to wait for one of the best indies of this generation.


Campo Santo’s unanimously praised walking simulator/mystery adventure game Firewatch will be arriving on to the Nintendo Switch later this month. The San Francisco based indie studio made the announcement through their official Twitter account: “Firewatch for the Nintendo Switch is arriving on December 17th! We’re crazy excited for this version — it feels right at home, and quite special. Coming to the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Japan Nintendo eShops. Same price. See you in a couple weeks!”

For anyone who hasn’t played Firewatch yet and own a Nintendo Switch, this is a must play for fans of narrative-driven adventure games and walking simulators alike, with a gripping story and a gorgeous forest setting, smaller storylines to chase and just prime quality voice acting.


Set in the year 1989, Firewatch puts us in control of an emotionally damaged protagonist, Henry, as he takes a job as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness, where the only human contact we’ll have is a female voice on the other side of the radio. The nature of this relationship, how much we decide to open up and get involved with it will be entirely up to us, allowing for a truly personalized experience depending on our choices.

Firewatch was nominated for Game Of The year, alongside five other categories during 2017’s BAFTA, won IGN’s Adventure Game Of The Year award, PC Gamer’s 2016’s Best Writing award and several more, making it one of the best indies of this generation from a narrative, visual and writing standpoint.

Firewatch will be available on the Nintendo Switch on December 17th in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Japan at the same price of other platforms, USD $19.99.