JCB Pioneer: Mars is heading to Nintendo Switch

To boldly go.

Liverpool-based indie studio Atomicom have announced that their beautiful Mars-based survival sandbox game JCB Pioneer: Mars is headed to Nintendo Switch on 24th December, 2018 in EU and AUS (3rd January 2019 for North American readers). Previously released on Steam Early Access, the Switch version builds on the original; addressing user feedback, adding a tonne of new updates and improvements including a huge increase in performance, new and improved UI, new tools, refined gameplay and much more.

JCB Pioneer: Mars begins as the player awakes from a crash. Survival is the first goal – the location of oxygen and the founding of an outpost your primary tasks. As the player slowly begins to establish themselves on Mars, learning to combat the planets fierce and hostile weather patterns, they’ll begin a larger operation of colonisation. Life-support infrastructure is crucial but so to is the mining of natural resources, part of a broader mission to save an ailing Earth.

The game takes is at its core a tricky blend of survival and construction gameplay set on a hostile, alien planet. Meteor strikes, dust clouds and electrical storms all threaten the player’s survival and chances of a successful colonisation effort. Equipped with the futuristic, heavy-duty construction and mining vehicles specifically designed by JCB Engineers, every would-be astronaut has a chance of surviving and thriving in the face of extreme planetary challenges.

Find out more about JCB Pioneer: Mars on Steam or catch it on Nintendo Switch just in time for Christmas.