GRIS – Hand

Nomada Studio’s Gris releases tomorrow with gorgeous launch trailer

The beautiful Gris is a watercolor painting come to life.

Nomada Studio’s debut project Gris is releasing to the masses tomorrow, bringing its gorgeous mixture of surreal artwork and platforming goodness to Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game follows a young woman who’s suffered through a particularly traumatic event through stages of different hues and architecture. The hopeful young girl wears a dress made of her own sorrow, which consistently grants her new abilities as she drifts through the game.

Gris is instantly recognizable and an exciting prospect for anyone looking to play something new and different, as it features classic platforming elements like jump puzzles and item collection, but it also requires the heroine herself to change shape and fight against the elements if she wants to succeed. This might mean fighting her way through vicious sandstorms, terrifying structures, and making leaps of faith, both real and imaginary, toward her end goal.

If you’ve ever played games like Journey before, you’ll be instantly familiar with the way Gris plays out, which is without dialogue, written or voiced. The narrative unfolds as you explore the bizarre, alien world as the heroine finds her way throughout what looks like a desolate wasteland.

Those looking for an interesting twist on the typical platformer will want to dip their paintbrush into the watercolor palette here for sure. Gris is a stunner, and you’ll be able to see what our reviewer’s thoughts on it are when the review arrives on The Indie Game Website along with the game at retail tomorrow. If you decide to pick it up, be sure to come back and share your thoughts on it with us as well!