Innovative puzzler Keyg released

There’s so much more than WASD to be explored with Keyg. 

Russian one-man studio Axel Sonic, developer of Impossible Quest and Neon Warp, announced today the release of the innovative, fourth wall-breaking puzzle game Keyg for PC. This title uses the player’s keyboard as a map of each level, providing fresh concepts and challenges on over 70 different scenarios.

In Keyg each level is represented by an empty map of our keyboard where each door, area and the path required to reach them are represented by different keys. Using our entire keyboards will be a must in order to fully traverse these and reach our goals.


Keyg also features a surreal storyline in which the main protagonist wakes up trapped in a prison and must find his way out to freedom. And even though a puzzler may seem pretty straightforward, this game features three alternative endings and a variety of allies that will help our hero make his way through these challenges.

“Keyg features around 70 levels based on its controls, almost every one different from another. Most of them are puzzles based on “aha” moments. Some are arcade levels, that can seriously challenge your speed”, reads Axel Sonic’s latest press release.

This title is out today on PC through Steam with a price tag of $4.99 and a limited time 20% discount through launch week.