Asdivine Hearts II

Awaited sequel Asdivine Hearts II out today

A full recap of the first title included, so jump right in! 

Japanese indie developers at Exe-Create studios have finally released today the awaited sequel to their highly praised RPG title Asdivine Hearts, simply called Asdivine Hearts II. With a really convenient summary of past events included in this new title, players can simply jump in this story without having played the first title.

Asdivine Hearts II is now available for both PC and Xbox One consoles all around the world. Players can now jump in again to this wonderful world of adventures in a classic RPG experience that takes us back to high points of the genre like the first steps taken by the Final Fantasy franchise.

Asdivine Hearts II follows the same protagonists as the previous game, as Zack and his friends embark on a new quest to save a parallel universe called Archelio, in the verge of being completely frozen by ice. The game’s new team system allows us to take up to 6 different characters into battle. “See the amalgamation of years of RPG-crafting expertise and plug-in jewels to boost character parameters as the beloved rubix makes its triumphant return”, reads the game description.

Asdivine Hearts II

As any other classic RPG experience, Asdivine Hearts II features great amounts of primary and secondary quests to follow, upgrade and crafting systems, team management and over 38 buddies to choose from. Craft your own weapons and find your ideal combat style in this versatile role-playing game.

As the game’s latest press release announces, this sequel includes the following features:

  • An optimized rubix & jewel system
  • Customizable rare weapons
  • A Garden with planters, sheds, and more
  • Trophies with in-game rewards
  • A battle arena for monster trainers

Asdivine Hearts II is available as of today for PC and Xbox One, with partial controller support, for USD $14.99.