Jeff Minter’s Polybius available on PC now

The game based on the urban legend hits PC. 

Jeff Minter’s bizarre Polybius, a nod to the creepypasta-inspired urban legend game that everyone loves to swap stories about, is out now on PC.

The game originally debuted on PlayStation VR, and now it’s available for an even wider range of players. It’s an arcade shooter with some decidedly bizarre visuals, just as you’d expect from the “real-world” version of a supposed game that made people go crazy. It’s such a fast and frenetic experience that you might very well imagine yourself going insane if you do play it in virtual reality, given its propensity for madness on its own.

If you’re into tunnel shooters with plenty of neon lights, explosions, and laser shows all set to thumping EDM beats, you’ll find plenty to enjoy about Polybius, if you aren’t scared of losing your mind, after all. As an interesting arcade tidbit, Nine Inch Nails actually used Polybius in the band’s music video for “Less Than,” which utilized the game to fantastic effect.

You may be familiar with Minter and Llamasoft’s other works, such as the fantastic Space Giraffe – that’s pretty much what you’re getting here, though Polybius is far more tripped-out and out there. Maybe grab some snacks and strap yourself in for a night of altered states, if you will. Just be sure you don’t find yourself kidnapped by men in black or losing your sanity over this game. You know how the stories go, after all.