Self-aware platformer Klaus comes to Steam this month

Klaus has a few important questions for you.

Some games go out of their way to do fun and interesting things in the eyes of players. One title that released in 2016, Klaus, featured a bevy of awesome twists that should have landed it among best-of lists. Sadly, it largely went unrecognized beyond the accolades from the few who played it. Now that it’s finally coming to Steam, Klaus should finally reach the throngs of players it deserves to. It’s in dire need of a second chance.

The game originally launched as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, so it didn’t reach as many eyes as it could have, but here’s why you should spend some time on it. This strange, self-aware narrative follows a man named Klaus who has no memory of his previous life. As a result, he has to rely on players to guide him through a stylish world, all the while growing and starting to question his surroundings, even the player and how they have control over him.

The puzzle platformer has a slew of interesting quirks about it that’ll have players scratching their heads, that’s for sure – this should be clear from the teaser trailer alone. The PC version is scheduled to touch down on January 24 for $15, so if you missed out on it when it first came to PlayStation 4, you might want to go ahead and give it a try  –  that is, if you’re up for the challenge.