Celeste DLC delayed, but will be free upon release

No strawberries for you.

Celeste topped many end of year lists, snatching nominations out of the hands of the AAA babes. Although it was hoped that the platformer would get a DLC in time for its anniversary, Matt Thorson confirmed over the weekend that this will no longer be the case.

Matt Thorson, creator of Celeste, took to twitter to confirm some small details about the DLC, most importantly that it won’t be ready by the 25th of January. Also confirmed is that this DLC won’t be taking any prisoners. Thorson outlines that the new levels will be ”after the current hardest levels in difficulty”, which sounds pretty darn difficult if you ask me.

The DLC will take the form of ”one continuous chapter”, with ”no b-side”, but sadly there will be no strawberries to collect. There will also be some new items and mechanics to get to grips with.

Most importantly, while the release date still isn’t set, the DLC will be free across all platforms. Don’t let the difficulty get you down, if you haven’t already, check out Celeste on Steam. Need more convincing, check out our review.