Sea Salt

Lovecraftian strategy game Sea Salt revealed

Become the mythic Dagon and command an army of monsters in Sea Salt.

Swedish indie studio YCJY delivered today the reveal trailer for their upcoming Lovecraftian strategy game Sea Salt, scheduled to be released this year for PC through Steam. Sea Salt blends a universe tainted by H.P. Lovecraft’s Dagon monster lore with a bit of cultist simulation and pixel-art combat, as well as tower defense.

Sea Salt allows players to take control of the invisible force of Dagon, master of the seas, directly taken from the short story “Dagon”, by the iconic American horror author H.P. Lovecraft. With its powers, players will summon monsters in order to terrorize and fulfill the sacrifices that Dagon requests.

At the beginning of each level we’ll choose an apostle who’ll act as the carrier of our wishes on a small town, who will determine which monsters we’ll be able to summon and send to spread horror and blood through its streets and port. As we progress through the story we’ll collect more and more types of monsters to add to our collection and see them battle against the heroes that arise to defend humanity.

Sea Salt

“We have played so many games in the role of a hero that fights super cool monsters and we always thought it’s time for them to win for once”, said Josef, half of YCJY together with his partner Christopher. “So with Sea Salt we wanted to flip that formula and let players be the God that controls the mighty dark armies that are usually controlled by the computer. We had really good fun making the game so far and hope players will feel the same playing it”, he added.

Sea Salt was successfully funded through Kickstarter with backers contributing more than 50,000 Swedish Krona (more than 4,800 Euros) and is now in full development, scheduled to be released at some point during 2019. Originally, its delivery was planned for September 2018.

So if you love Lovecraftian universes and wish to be a horrific monster terrorizing humanity, you’ll probably want to check Sea Salt out.