Nightdive Studios presents new System Shock footage

Final environmental footage from System Shock is looking especially intriguing. 

Nightdive Studios is still hard at work on a remake of the terrifying System Shock, but it looks like development has begun to be a bit slow going. Luckily, we’ve just been given a bit of a sneak peek as to what’s coming down the pipeline from Nightdive and the new vision of the sci-fi title when it finally drops.

Currently, the game is working with a 2020 release date, but the team at Nightdive managed to cobble together an alpha test with a new look at Citadel Station and what it looks like within. The “final” preview of the interior is live on YouTube and can be seen above, and it evokes a classic System Shock mood with plenty of light blues, teals, and other striking coloring that look, quite frankly, on point. It isn’t a playable build or anything like that, but it’s certainly looking like an extremely attractive game.

The reboot of the 1994 game was originally planned to debut in 2018, but development restarted on the project in its entirety unfortunately due to scope creep, so it was back to the drawing board for a short period of time. It looks like now the team is working on a much more improved version of the original project that we can’t wait to hack into.

We’ve certainly spent enough time away from this franchise, and it’s about time to jump back on board with the series, which is certainly deserving of a fresh coat of paint and new, even scarier places to explore.