Tech Support: Error Unknown hacks in with new trailer

The “thrill” of being a customer service agent comes to PC. 

Tech support is particularly draining, but for the right kind of person, it can be a fulfilling job. If you’ve ever been curious about how it might play out on a day-to-day basis, Dragon Slumber’s Tech Support: Error Unknown might be right up your alley.

The game has a new launch tailer out, and it looks positively bonkers. It has you setting up shop as a new remote tech support agent who uses a Quasar Spectrum OS computer (nope, not a riff on Apple at all) to solve folks’ everyday tech problems. This means you get access to the internet, a cool little email program, chat support, and other cool programs to expedite your resolution of people’s problems.

But there’s more going on behind the scenes than just a tech support job. A hacker group named Indigo is looking into sabotaging the company, and you can choose to join them or remain loyal to the hand that feeds you.

The game is officially launching on February 27, which is less than a month away, so make sure you check out the launch trailer and get an eyeful in before it’s out proper. It’s one sim you won’t want to miss out on, as far as we can tell from the trailers.

There’s a free demo available via right now if you’re interested in giving it a run-through, and it looks appropriately wacky. Be sure to let us know how you like it, because it seems extremely tempting.