Wargroove lines out future content plans

Plenty of cool things are still coming to the game in the future. 

Wargroove is a fantastic new game from Chucklefish that you’ve no doubt heard a lot about. The colorful strategy game, which calls to mind games like Fire Emblem or Advance Wars, is as intriguing as they come, and just because it’s already out and available now, that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it.

Chucklefish has come forward with a plan for the foreseeable future detailing what you can expect from the game over the next weeks and months in terms of post-launch support. There’s a swath of bug fixes coming, a variety of game improvements, and even DLC coming down the pipeline at a later date.

The first patch coming out of the gate is essentially to resolve bugs, while plans for the short-term include allowing players to skip battle scenes quicker, improving the game’s multiplayer lobby, and various other changes for overall quality of life improvements. In terms of long-term plans, the Chucklefish team are looking into a “larger content update, DLC, and more.”

The team noted via Reddit AMA that it is “taking the feedback from all our players on board and seeing what people most want to see. This may come in the form of additional map content, but right now we want to stay flexible and do our best to improve the areas important to the most players.”

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments coming down the pipeline for Wargroove as they’re issued. Keep an eye out for our upcoming review as well.