Chernobylite is an irradiated sci-fi horror game

A terrifying new adventure from the minds at The Farm 51.

The Farm 51 is hard at work on another new game coming down the pipeline soon, and this one has chilling real-world roots.

It’s called Chernobylite, and it’s set 30 years after the devastating Chernobyl catastrophe. There’s something strange going on with pollution in the area increasing after years of inactivity. Now, a “dangerous substance” is behaving erratically. There’s something bizarre that’s been produced as a result: chernobylite.

You’ll be tasked with returning to the highly radioactive zone to rescue your missing girlfriend and piece together the truth behind her disappearance. There, you’ll come face to face with the government, dangerous enemies, and other strange things related to radioactivity that you probably wouldn’t want to encounter in the real world.

The Farm 51 breaks the game’s storyline down like this:

“April 26th, 1:23 AM Ukrainian time, 1986. The day on which the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe happened and the lives of 350,000 people changed forever. At the time you were just a young, passionate, naive physicist working at the facility. And like many, you’ve lost what was most dear to you – a loved one. 30 years later you’re still struggling with the demons of the past. So, to finally put them to rest, you return to what’s now called the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.”

The game features a 3D-scanned recreation of the real-world Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which makes it even scarier since it’s based on an actual event – you know, without the monsters and stuff.

Chernobylite doesn’t currently have a release date, and is in active development now.