Hyper Jam out now for PC, PS4 & Xbox One

A very neon arena brawler.

Someone’s been watching a lot of John Wick, and we’re pretty pleased about that. An arena brawler bathed in neon? What more could you ask for. Bit Dragon’s newest release, Hyper Jam is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Visit Hyper Jam’s various arenas to navigate hostile players and tricky environments. You can defeat your enemies with a combination of a lot of bullets and superpowers – yes, you did read that right. Choose from a variety of weapon options such as katanas, rocket launchers and crossbows, to slay your rivals in super quick matches. These matches can host up to four players locally and online, with cross-platforming available also. By using certain perks you can also upgrade your characters skills to create a truly lethal fighting machine.

Roman Maksymyschyn, the Director of Bit Dragon, said of the game ”Hyper Jam has been a labor of love for our team (…) It combines our love of fast-paced multiplayer action and ‘80s aesthetics into an incredible experience whether you’re looking for a party game to enjoy casually with friends or something more strategic and seriously competitive.”

When we reviewed Hyper Jam we found it enjoyable although a little lacking in a variety of game modes. To find out more about the game, which is now available, go to Hyper Jam’s Steam page.