Moonlighter’s Friends & Foes update adds familiars

Everyone needs a friend.

Digital Sun’s charming dungeon crawler Moonlighter is an interesting prospect. Players manage a shop during the day and head into the dungeon to loot and kill monsters at night. It’s an endlessly entertaining indie darling for many, and it’s now getting a heap of new content in the form of the free Friends & Foes update.

The update brings with it one pretty awesome new feature: familiars! You can raise them on your farm and watch them grow before your very eyes, which sounds like an easy way to get people interested in pets (especially dogs, yay) to jump into the game. If that’s not really something you’re into, tough, there’s a whole new swath of minibosses you can train to eliminate. It’s the biggest update the game has seen yet, and you’ll definitely want to give it a look.

Familiars will enter the game by way of an egg that takes three in-game days to hatch. When it does, it will head out into dungeons with you on your sordid dungeon crawling adventures. They come with their own special varieties and flavors of abilities that will help you in combat, or assist you in gathering loot, and it’s awesome!

There’s also the addition of new lore that you can pore over as a Moonlighter fan, so if you want to, you can learn a bit more about the characters around you while you run your little shop operation and go loot-questing at night. Moonlighter is available now, and the Friends & Foes update is live as well, if you’re so inclined to check it out. Let us know how it’s treating you!