NEO Scavenger’s creator announces new game

Not a direct sequel but indeed a prequel in the same universe.

Daniel Fedor, leader of Blue Bottle Games and ex BioWare member, announced today what will be his second title after the success of NEO Scavenger, released back in 2014. His new project, called Ostranauts, is a spacecraft simulation game with noir vibes and a crew not so stable in the emotional and physical departments.

Ostranauts, as Fedor revealed today, won’t be a direct sequel to NEO Scavenger, but rather a prequel in the same universe as his first title, which was about a man in a wasteland trying to survive and discover his identity in the process. This means that this new story will also be set in a time after the Earth’s collapse and in a dystopian reality.


In Ostranauts players will have to manage their dysfunctional crew and keep them surviving one more day by doing whatever it takes to bring food to their plates and money to pay for fuel, supplies and debts. All of this content is presented in a spaceship simulation wrapper and crowned with a dark narrative.

Some of the emotional aspects that players will have to keep in check regarding their crew members are privacy, security, intimacy, and esteem; all of which raises questions about how these indicators will be controlled. We are able to see, through early screenshots, some of the many deep options that the game will provide in what interaction regards.

Although Fedor hasn’t revealed the release date for his new title, he did say that it will depend on how many people decide to add it to their wish lists on Steam. “Wishlisting it there will give me an idea how much interest there is in this game, and how much time I can spend on it”, he said.