Detention sequel Devotion is out to terrify you now

Ready to be scared out of your wits?

Do you like wandering around a semblance of a close-knit family home in the complete black inkiness of the house while a creepy broadcast is playing on your tube TV? Well, this game is certainly for you.

Red Candle Games’ Devotion is an absolutely terrifying story that you really shouldn’t miss. The atmospheric first-person horror adventure takes real-world Taiwan and blends it with a strange religious family set in the ’80s.

It’s the sequel to the side-scrolling adventure Detention and its ’60s setting, and Devotion dials up the tension more than just a notch. The exploration game has you adventuring through a tense network of indoor passageways rife with puzzles and other strange surprises, with detailed models and textures with nightmarish overlays here and there. It’s a fairly short affair, but it’s rife with truly spooky jump scares that you may want to take a break from playing for a while to get over.

Without wandering too far out of the inner circle of the family or taoism, Asian folklore, and Buddhism, Devotion has plenty to offer that may be familiar to some players who may have grown up with “traditional” backgrounds. Red Candle Games has crafted something truly unsettling here, and you can pick it up now via Steam for $16.99. Just don’t come blaming us if you get too scared while playing.