Developers of Furi announce new title sci fi romance Haven

Get lost in space with the one you love.

The developers of Furi, The Game Bakers, have announced their next upcoming title and no, it’s not a sequel to Furi. Haven is the multicoloured sci-fi they have unveiled, which sees you following the fate of two lovers lost together on a far away planet. All they want to do is together, but will anything get in the way of that?

The game is an RPG Adventure in which you can playing solo or with a friend who will animate your partner. So far details are little thin on the ground, but considering these two must survive alone on the planet, we imagine that gathering some form of food and shelter is going to be in order.

The Game Bakers have been working on the title for two years and are currently slating for it to be released in 2020. Haven looks to be a big step away from the team’s previous battle heavy title Furi, but holds some of the same unique and colourful art style. We’ll keep you up to date with any new updates on the title, but in the meantime you can keep an eye on Haven’s Steam page, and website.