Hell Warders

Co-op hoard defense Hell Warders out today

Set up your defenses and battle the hell spawn with your team.

Hong-Kong based indie developers at Anti-Gravity released today their hoard defense, co-op fantasy game Hell Warders on PC, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This title has been published PQube and an Xbox One version will be coming live soon, on March 20th.

Hell Warders is a classic hoard defense experience where players will have to choose from a pool of heroes with unique abilities and set up defenses and other troops in order to prevent the hell hoards from passing through your position, engaging in epic fantasy-themed battles.

Hell Warders

But the cool thing about Hell Warders is that it supports cooperative play, allowing for groups of up to 4 players to combine efforts in order to become victorious. Each player will also experience a solid RPG aspect, allowing for the management of weapons, skills and abilities. Each completed stage allows for further customization and upgrading. But it’s not mandatory to have a group of friends ready to join you, as Hell Warders also supports matchmaking, allowing for the random generation of teams.

Either playing solo or with friends, players will have to set up defenses to help them contain the incoming hoards, these include other soliders such as archers, knights and mages, as well as artillery such as catapults. Enemies range from small and not so intimidating spawns of hell to larger, tower-sized giants and demons that will provide a much more challenging experience.

Hell Warders can be purchased as of today for PC, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch at a price of GBP £11.99. The Xbox One port will be coming soon, scheduled for release on March 20th.