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7 Hidden Indie Gems On Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is still going strong, with tons of indie games being released on the platform each month. Whether these are new games, recently published to the platform, or older games being ported to a more mobile console, there are quite a few wonderful games being buried by all of the releases. We have taken the time to pick out a few of these hidden gems to share with you!

7. Deathroad To Canada

Death Road to Canada

Deathroad to Canada is a zombie apocalypse road trip simulator full of action and adventure. Manage a group of survivors exploring various cities heaving with the undead as you gather new weapons, recruit unique characters, and of course, take on huge hordes of zombies. Everything within the game is randomized, providing tons of replay value. If you end up dying on this road trip, your next adventure will be completely different with new events, locations, and people to run into.

You can even play with up to four of your friends to better your chances against the zombies. Deathroad to Canada is always ready with a funny twist on the zombie apocalypse genre – if you like, you can even teach your dog how to drive for the road trip!

6. Cattails

Cattails is an adventure RPG where you play as a little cat in a very big forest. The world is full of cat colonies and you can choose to join them or create their own. Different colonies have different types of cats, each with their own personalities. You can integrate yourself and learn about them, even marrying into the colony, or become more of a lone cat.

Of course, not all colonies get along, which is where battling comes in, forcing you to defend your borders or attack others to expand them. It’s not just cats you battle; you can also fight rodents and small creatures to gain food. The world changes with the seasons, so there is just so much to do, explore, and gain.

5. Bleep Bloop

Bleep Bloop is an adorable and playful puzzle game that grows increasingly challenging as the levels progress. Bleep and Bloop are two square characters that depend on each other to make it to the end of each level. Playing both characters alone, or sharing the experience with a friend, you need to bounce into each other, onto walls, get stuck in gum, and trigger buttons to make it to the end area.

Bleep Bloop is full of fun little secrets, amazing music, and a lot of puzzles to play around with. 

4. Binaries

Binaries is a much more challenging, hardcore puzzle game that has you racing against the clock to the endpoint of each level. You are tasked with simultaneously guiding two balls, one blue and one orange, through each level. The screen itself is sometimes split, separating the two balls, and forcing you to move both of them through their respective levels without hitting spikes, getting stuck, or getting hit by stairs. You’ll even need them both to be in the end area at the same time, which requires some serious coordination.

Both balls are eventually brought into the same world where you’ll need to pay close attention to the colours of the game background. Only spikes on a background of the same colour as the ball will present a threat, which can twist the mind and ache the thumbs after a few levels of frenetic play. At least the level select screen in Binariesallows you to jump around challenges, so if you get stuck, just try a new level.

3. Bad Dream: Coma

Bad Dream: Coma is a horrific yet captivating point-and-click adventure game that sees you exploring a strange world seemingly devoid of people. Every move you make and every object you interact with has a different consequence. You’ll need to avoid tapping around too much, as it may cause some undesirable creatures to come after you.

At first, the game itself is just creepy, until you wake up from a coma in a strange hospital. This world quickly becomes a nightmare, as the people around you are found dead. You’ll need to collect items and find solutions to explore your surroundings and figure out what is going on. Bad Dream: Coma features multiple endings, so it’s worth exploring options a few times.

2. Shift Happens

Shift Happens is an action-filled puzzle platformer that sees you playing two characters made of jelly – Bismo and Plom. Each character is connected to the other, with the unique abilities to change their size and special skills. While the bigger of the two can throw the smaller character and push blocks, the smaller character can jump farther and get through smaller spaces. Solve puzzles and collect coins to get both of your jelly pals through various levels.

Shift Happens can be played as a single-player game or a local co-op, but it is much better with a friend. Working together, fighting over coins, and sometimes squishing each other is just too fun to pass up. 

1. The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business is a humorous, beautifully voice acted, point-and-click murder mystery game. Set in Victorian London, you play Bertram Fiddle who is looking to find a serial killer called Geoff the Murderer before he kills again. Despite how serious that sounds, this game is full of jokes, strange characters, really silly situations, and some pretty bad puns.

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly Business is a delightful point-and-click adventure for anyone who enjoys dark humor, puns, and a great mystery!

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