The Occupation lets you live the life of a journalist

Live the thrilling life of a journalist you’ve always dreamt of. 

If you’re interested in becoming a journalist, The Occupation is likely not the best place to get inspiration. However, it does look like an entertaining video game at the very least. White Paper Games’ upcoming investigative thriller looks like a much more interesting version of the truth, and you can see ten minutes of footage that really drives that home in the video above.

The game takes place 1987 England, and you’re asked to investigate and question folks connected to an explosion that has important political ramifications. You’ll get various accounts from the different suspects connected to the explosion and figure out who may be responsible. But you’ll have to worry about getting caught yourself, as things in the game happen in real-time and you have to make important decisions based on the evidence presented to you.

If all of that sounds like it’s in your wheelhouse, you might want to give it a look. It’s coming out on March 5 on Steam and Humble, and will be published by Humble Bundle. There’s just enough tension in the game to make it feel like a stealth thriller rather than a sim, so give it a look if you’re curious. You may decide you want to head down the path of the pen, after all.