The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a hilarious otherworldly adventure

A wacky world and colourful characters abound on Nintendo Switch and PC.

When none other than adventure legend Ron Gilbert helps to fund a game on Kickstarter, you know to sit up and pay attention.

That’s the situation The Mystery of Woolley Mountain found itself in back in 2016, when Gilbert was among almost 400 eager adventure game fans who helped bring this strange, eccentric, and downright hilarious game to life.

Since then, the Lightfoot Brothers have been working to turn their promising early prototype into a fully-fledged, multi-platform adventure – which releases today for both Nintendo Switch (via the eShop) and PC (via Steam).

Inspired by classic adventure series’ such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, rendered in a personality-filled art style billed as ‘Adventure Time meets The Simpsons’, and wrapped up with a polished modern interface, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is an all-ages adventure game that’s just as likely to appeal to 50-year-old genre veterans as it is curious five-year-old kiddies.

The game tells the story of a renegade crew of time-travelling audio scientists on a hilarious and fantastical quest. A malevolent witch has captured a group of children, and – playing as those scientists – it’s up to you to save the children from the mysterious island of Woolley Mountain.

Explore a rich and interactive set of environments, filled with head-scratching puzzles. Unravel a salacious storyline, meet a cornucopia of quirky characters, and boogie on down to an awesome original score, consisting of thirty electro-indie synth-pop bangers!

So if you fancy pointing, clicking, and puzzle-solving your way through a zany story this week, head to Steam or the Nintendo eShop and save 25% during launch week! The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is out now, reduced from £9.99 / €10.99 / $12.99 for a limited period. Can you make it to the island, destroy the evil witch, and rescue the kids?