Neon Abyss brings frenetic rogue-like fun to dungeon crawling

And it looks, bonkers?

How many times can you say dungeon before it starts to sound weird? Dungeon, dungeon, dungeon. Oh, it doesn’t take that long. In Neon Abyss players are thrown into, that’s right you guessed it, a dungeon, and left to cause chaos. Developed by Veewo Games, with a demo currently free on, this rogue-lite dungeon crawler certainly looks like one to keep an eye on.

This dungeon isn’t quite as you’d expect. After each raid in the colourful bombastic world, the dungeon begins to evolve. Each choice made within a raid alters the ruleset of the next dungeon system, changing how you go about defeating the nightclub goers and the bitcoin hoarders.

Taking inspiration from all the things that make society bad, in this world of neon violence you’re on the hunt to find a cure for your immortal curse. You’ll probably have to die quite a few times before you figure that one out. Things get interesting via the way you can impact that dungeons themselves. Through the course of the game you can expand the dungeons you play by choosing a ‘personalised upgrade path’. Choosing these unlocks new rooms, new bosses and new endings.

Neon Abyss

All in all, it looks like a pretty creative take on what can sometimes be a repetitive genre. From the teaser trailer there looks to be a wide variety of guns and fun ways to destroy your foes, all in the pixel animated art that makes it all look so stylish.

The concept and art direction looks interesting enough that this might just be a dungeon crawler to crawl your way through, but you can get more of a feel for the game by playing the free demo currently on To find out more about the title, you can also visit Steam, where Neon Abyss will be released sometime this year.