Devolver Digital E3

There’s one E3 conference you don’t want to miss this year

Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a conference happening.

Over the last few years, Devolver Digital’s E3 press conference parody has become a staple of the painfully polished marketing catwalk we’ve all grown so tired of. Hosting from outside the venue like some contrarian protest against the mainstream industry, Devolver’s crazy antics have never failed to deliver a few anxious laughs – and this year they’re back at it again.

The announcement came on Twitter alongside a short gif image featuring the Robocop homage they finished the show with last year following the violent execution of Nina Struthers. Nina, who is Devolver’s ‘fictional’ chief synergy officer has been shouting marketing buzzwords at us for the last two years and this hints that a cybernetically enhanced version of her may be returning this time around.

Nina Struthers

In a strange way, Devolver’s E3 parody has become a bizzaro narrative experience of its own, not much different to the video games it publishes. Dare I say, one day we might see NinaCop star in a video game of her own. A parody game, based on a parody character, paying homage to an 80s sci-fi robot cop. Sounds suitably Devolver.

Either way, this should serve as a great opportunity to see some of Devolvers upcoming games, well, maybe. Their shows have been notoriously devoid of games and full of gore for the last two years so who knows, they might just break the trend this time around.

Devolver Digital’s show is set to kick off Sunday, 9th June at 7 PM PST and will be streaming on their Twitch channel as well as many other places I’m sure. Buckle up though, as things tend to get messy.