Loved Don’t Starve? Now there’s more to love with new DLC

Go Ham.

Building once again on the success of Don’t Starve, Klei Entertainment have released out into the weird wilderness a new DLC for their survival game. Wilson, the intrepid scientist protagonist of Don’t Starve returns in Don’t Starve: Hamlet, but this time he’s come across a lost town of ‘aristocratic Pigmen’. Players will have to learn to fit in if Wilson is going to survive.

Don’t Starve: Hamlet continues with its unforgiving and frankly harsh survival gameplay. Players start with nothing, and receive no instructions as to how to navigate the weird sketchy word. When you’re not fighting just to survive, there is plenty to discover here, including ancient ruins filled with the lost artefacts of an ancient pig civilisation. But don’t explore for too long, lest you fall into a trap, or get caught up in a Aporkalypse (this is not my original pun therefore I cannot be ridiculed for it).

Hamlet also boasts the trademark Don’t Starve in-depth crafting system, this time with all new resources to gather and all new items to make. Lets hope players don’t make a hamhock of that (that one is mine, I can only apologise).

Aswell as old faithful, Wilson, there are also three new characters available to unlock; Wilba, Wormwood and Wheeler. They all have their own unique ways of surviving this porky world, but each character has a speciality that is absolutely worth getting to know.

You can pick up Don’t Starve: Hamlet now on Steam, as it’s just come out of early access.