7 Games Like Game of Thrones To Take You Back To Westeros

Indie Games of Thrones.

Unless you’ve been living under a very tiny rock, you’ll know that the final season of Game of Thrones just aired. The impossibly popular fantasy epic is at an end after nearly 10 years of dominating the small screen. You’ll need to get your high fantasy fix somewhere else now, so here’s 7 indie games to replenish your Game of Thrones vibes.

7. The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is the perfect choice for someone looking to get emotionally invested in a grim fantasy drama. Matching the icy bleakness of Game of Thrones both figuratively and literally, Stoic Studio’s epic is similar to HBO’s beloved show in many ways, but it’s the brutal choices and unforgiving world that truly cement its place as a quality Thrones-like. The endless hordes of unfeeling Dredge are a good stand-in for the Night King’s undead army, too.

The writing is superb, the art style is wonderfully evocative, and the turn-based combat is challenging and engaging. If you haven’t checked out this fantastic trilogy, now’s your chance.

6. Crusader Kings 2

If arranged marriages, political conniving and medieval warfare are your jam, Crusader Kings 2 might be what you’re looking for. Assassination, alliances, and betrayals are the tools of the trade in this immense political sandbox. More than simply running a successful kingdom, CK 2 is about establishing a powerful dynasty that’ll rule for generations.

The similarities between Game of Thrones and Paradox Interactive’s medieval domination sim are impossible to deny. There’s even made a neat mod to bring you closer to Westeros than ever before.

5. Divinity: Original Sin 2

It may be a bit higher on the fantasy scale than Game of Thrones, but Larian Studio’s sublime RPG is still an excellent Thrones-like. Politics, corruption and betrayal meet swords, magic, and badass dragons. There are even mythical gods and deities with incredible power. You’ll have to make brutal choices with brutal consequences in a world that’s every bit as bleak and unforgiving as Westeros.

This old-fashioned role-playing epic features fantastic writing, deep and rewarding character progression, and nuanced combat that offers more variety and depth than half a dozen games combined. Don’t miss out on this one.

4. Reigns

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, this Devolver-published mobile title might be just the thing. Loaded with dark humor and hilarious absurdity, Reigns operates just like Tinder: swipe left or swipe right. Except it’s not a hookup you’re looking for, it’s prosperity for your kingdom.

You’ll have to maintain a tight balance between military prowess and diplomacy, ensuring your monarchs don’t meet an untimely end as so many Game of Thrones characters have. Your downfall is sure to be suitably ridiculous, like dying from overeating at a feast dedicated to you. It’s so similar to the HBO show that they even made a spinoff based on it.

3. Neptune’s Pride

Perhaps the most unorthodox choice for this list, Neptune’s Pride certainly appears to be the least Thronesian game at first glance. How is this space game anything like the Game of Thrones’ swords-and-dragons fantasy? Well, the medieval setting may be missing, but the duplicitous ruthlessness is simply unmatched.

Neptune’s Pride pits you against real people. Real people that want what you have and will double-cross, backstab, and connive their way to get it. Treachery is encouraged in this fascinating multiplayer experience.


If medieval warfare is what draws you to Game of Thrones, then MORDHAU might be the game for you. This bloody multiplayer slasher is equal parts brutal and ridiculous. Taking clear inspiration from 2012’s Chivalry: Medieval Warfare with its sloppy swordplay and medieval tomfoolery, MORDHAU comes off like a Monty Python sketch.

It’s fun to hop into a chaotic battleground and feebly wave your sword around at people on the internet. Even if you suck at it. Grab some friends and you’ll have an easy recipe for a good time.

1. Bannermen

This unique Another World-esque side-scrolling adventure is quite unlike anything else on this list. Bannermen puts you in a gritty and historically-inspired medieval world that’s undeniably Game of Thrones-like. Like Westeros, this is an unavoidably dark and fatalistic world. The story is a little on the light side, instead focusing on its grim and atmospheric world.

There’s not a whole lot of righteous justice inhabiting this world, and that may just be the way you like it. The challenging rhythmic combat can be pretty brutal, but it’s ultimately satisfying to master. Bannermen’s brief and striking adventure is sure to remind you of Westeros.

With the fate of King’s Landing securely sealed and the stories of Westeros hitting their final notes, Game of Thrones is about to leave a hole in the hearts of millions. Thankfully there’s still room for you to forge your own path through high fantasy combat and political rivalry with a host of indie experiences waiting for you to take the throne.


Dan is a UK-based lover of games, music, and movies. He can usually be found buried in RPGs, shooters, roguelikes, and sometimes World of Warcraft, but really he’ll play anything he can get his hands on.

Dan Hodges

Contributor Dan is a UK-based lover of games, music, and movies. He can usually be found buried in RPGs, shooters, roguelikes, and sometimes World of Warcraft, but really he'll play anything he can get his hands on.