Destroy the cutest towns in strategy game Voxel Tycoon

If you must build a train line make it cute.

Mining and picturesque villages don’t typical mix well. But what kind of tycoon would you be if you worried about such things? In Voxel Tycoon, the strategy game from developers of the same name, players are tasked with creating delicate systems of trains, tunnels, factories and mines to create little towns of industry, but you might mess up a forest in the mean time.

Voxel Tycoon is currently in pre-alpha stage over at and as is often the case with games on, it instantly grabs attention through low-poly, beautiful graphics. It is these lush graphics that make decisions to carve up the landscape with trains actually have some emotional weight. But if you’re a lover of intricate design, this probably won’t bother you even a little bit. Because Voxel Tycoon‘s procedurally generated world and its systems look to be a pretty complicated web.

The game will have 50 vehicles for players to choose from, “representing eras from steam to electric, among which are locomotives, railcars, trucks (including semi-trailers!) and more”. Each vehicle comes with its own unique properties with the world’s physics systems taking into account their different weights, which we’re sure will have several knock on affects in the world. You’ll need to organise the schedules of these vehicles to keep the production lines to the factories moving. The factories you design will be the culmination of your choices of complex machinery, buildings and storage facilities with conveyor belts.

In short, I don’t think this is the kind of strategy game you can fumble you’re way through. If your brain is a chaotic mess, this one might not be for you, unless, you know, you want to create a chaotic mess. You can find out even more detailed information on the games page, where you can currently purchase the pre-alpha game. Voxel Tycoon will also be coming to steam early access in the near future.