Makers of The Witcher bring us chilled new game Wanderlust Travel Stories

Ditch the sword, it’s time for a trip.


Wanderlust Travel Stories describes itself as a “digital travel experience”, which is sort of something it feels like a travel agent would say to you before helping you pick your next holiday. It’s a bit more interesting than that however, as the game aims to blend interesting narratives with calming and relaxing visuals of real world locations.

However, that this has come from the mind of designers and writers on The Witcher does come as a mild surprise. Different Tales, the fairly newly formed studio, is made up of Artur Ganszyniec, previously the head story designer for The Witcher, and Jacek Brzeziński, who served as project lead and has also worked on Hitman and Dying Light. The pair have now ditched big fight scenes and espionage, for something a bit calmer.

In a recent press release Artur Ganszyniec, co-founder of developer Different Tales, said: “Ten years after I met with Jacek during our work on The Witcher, we decided to team up again to make a different kind of a story, something more grounded in reality and rooted in the common human experience.” Because a big white-haired man with a sword galloping through the landscape isn’t very realistic, we admit. He went on:

“Wanderlust Travel Stories was born from Jacek’s love for travel and from my love for storytelling. We aimed to create something different. A bridge between literary experiences and gaming. A title that is meant to be taken in, experienced and felt.”

Wanderlust certainly seems like that kind of journey. The text-style adventure takes you through several stories of people travelling throughout the world. While you play, you take in the beautiful sights, but also experience some of the usual stresses that come with navigating the world. The stories branch according to choices the player makes, all having an impact on the way the player experiences the game.

It looks to be an incredibly detailed work of narrative, illustrated by photographs as you progress. With more and more titles being geared toward a more calming experience for the gamer, we think this will fit perfectly into the current climate of gaming for relaxation.

Wanderlust Travel Stories will be released on Steam on August 28th.

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