Things go a bit Interstellar in survival sim 1000 days to escape

But where is Matthew Mcconaughey?

Do you frequently want to escape the planet? (Obviously) Well now you can in the space arcade game 1000 days to escape. The only problem is it’s not just you escaping, you also have to sort everyone else out, which sounds pretty tiring. The aim of the game is to get everyone off the planet in one piece because, well, everything is doomed. Not at all like our current real life state, oh no, we’re doing just fine.

According the game’s Steam page, life on Earth is getting quite precarious via some small problems like overpopulation and irreversible climate change. You’ve only got enough oxygen left to survive 1000 days, so it’s time  to do a Michael Cane and try and get everyone off the planet as soon as you can via some spaceship wizardry (if you haven’t seen Interstellar that last comment might be a bit confusing).

In order to rescue all the humans, players can search for new planets to inhabit via a telescope (very high tech). Then, once you’ve got your eyes on a planet, send out a satellite to check it out – a bit like when you send off a probe in Mass Effect. Players must learn about the host planet and the conditions needed to keep their little humans alive. Once you’re out and about, you can discover new technologies and make your spaceport the best looking port in all of space.

Each space system is randomly generated at the beginning of each game, so you’ll never plan the same route twice. Along with these random worlds is the chance to also meet new alien civilisations, which you can either fight or cooperate with. During the course of your rescue mission, you’ll also encounter different events that’ll attempt to steer you off course.

100 days to escape will be available on PC from 25th of July. Keep an eye on the Steam page for more info.