New Trailer for Infliction looks genuinely horrifying

The title is coming to consoles soon.

Sometimes you watch a trailer for a horror game and think, “Yeah sure, I can see how this is theoretically scary” and other times you watch one and go “oh no, do not want.” The new trailer for Infliction, the 2018 horror game, absolutely produced the second reaction. This is a game that genuinely looks creepy, and soon you’ll be able to get creeped out on console too.

The story is, however, what you would expect from a horror title. In fact, it’s pretty similar to Visage, a horror title we wrote about only a few weeks ago. You’re in the remnants of what once was a happy home, but as you walk through it, you quickly discover the violent ways it fell apart. Backstory is provided to you via letters and journals and from these and other environmental clues you can piece together this families story.

But echoes of the traumatic events that took place here still roam the halls, and players can expect to encounter the full force of the violence, grief and rage that took place here. Don’t dawdle on your clue finding, because something might come to find you.

Classic! Textbook! Horror by numbers! But the visuals here really are affective and detailed in a way you don’t often see. The glint and logo on the knife as it glitches, the slow development of the polaroid to reveal a haunted figure where they weren’t before – these details add so much to the atmosphere of just the trailer.

The game garnered positive reviews on PC last year, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox one at the end of the year. Check out it’s Steam page to find out more.