If you haven’t played No Man’s Sky yet, now’s the time

No, YOU stop writing about No Man’s Sky.

If you haven’t read the game description of No Man’s Sky at least three times by now I imagine you have been living under a rock. A space rock. A procedurally generated space rock set in an open world. Ha, tricked you, you’ve read it again.

Well, it’s getting a new update. A new update usually means a new influx of players, which is pretty good timing considering this update includes a boost to the game’s multiplayer systems. Which is only a good thing for a game that feels empty without a good community of spacemen running about. Now, what’s in this update you ask? I shall tell you. No Man’s Sky Beyond will be the 7th update from Hello Games. In the new release trailer players can get a peak at Beyond’s “massively expanded online component” which includes a Destiny-like point of contact for player, the Nexus.

The update will bring VR players into the social realm for the first time as well, allowing VR players to interact with other players in the game. Of this development, Sean Murray writes: “Bringing the social multiplayer enhancements we wanted to make together with VR seemed not only desirable and natural but unstoppable.”

Other details about Beyond are vaguer, although we get a good look at some diverse and very populated environments in the new trailer. Murray does write, however, “Beyond is not only our biggest update to date, but it also feels like our most important. It feels like all the different strands of the game have come together and unified the experience more than any other update before it”

That’s something to get excited about. No Man’s Sky Beyond update will be released on August 14th. For more information, check it’s Steam page.