Space has never looked more stylish in puzzler Filament

You got cables, you got puzzles. 

Top-down games always look better in pastels. Space looks fantastic in pastels. Filament is a top-down game set in space with a pastel colour palette. All the best things together. Genius. The game’s mood goes hand-in-hand with it’s stylish appearance, aiming to be a laid-back experience for the players as they move from one cable-based puzzle to the next. It’s beautiful, we have to say.

Your on board the Alabaster, a seemingly abandoned ship that’s part of The Filament Corporation’s fleet. It’s a research vessel, but only one researcher is left aboard. Jupiter is our point of human connection of the ship as it orbits a mysterious planet, but who is she and what is she still doing there? Her voice narrates your progress through the ship and instantly from the trailer, this voice actress draws you in. The warmth of Jupiter’s voice makes us want to discover more about this ship’s story, about her, and what happened to her crew.

The game is structure around the cable-puzzles, and you can tackle the 300 or so puzzles in whatever order you like, free to move around the ship as you wish. Each puzzle involves you working the cable of your space suit around a series of obstacles, as if navigating a wall-less maze. Once you’ve solved the puzzles, piece together the story of this ship via crew logs, messages, records and any personal items that have been left around the ship.

We’re very intrigued by this one. With a strong emphasis on the combination of story and puzzles, it looks like it could really be a lovely meditative experience. We’ll have to wait till 2020 to find out, however.

To find out more, visit Filament’s Steam page.