Fracter is the isometric puzzler following in Monument Valley’s footsteps

Beauty but spooky.

Are puzzle games allowed to be un-aesthetic anymore? It feels like Monument Valley set a precedent that we haven’t been allowed to come back from. A puzzle game renaissance. An isometric rebellion. Have you got difficult puzzles? Great. Could I take a screenshot and hang it in my living room? Even better, you’re now part of the indie game puzzle scene.

Fracter, a goth-looking puzzler releasing today from 4L GAMES LTD, follows in these very footsteps, but look past the beauty and you’ll see something sinister lies beneath, or behind, or even in front of you. Available on both mobile and PC, Fracter is set in a labyrinth of dark, brutalist architecture. Sometimes resembling an office block, other times a haunted maze, in this world the player is a young hero looking to dispel the darkness. But what happens when that darkness also comes from within?

Outsmart the creatures of this black-and-white world, make your way through the shadows and solve the puzzles you find along the way. The ominous soundtrack makes sure the mood stays tense throughout, while the self reflective narrative gives this puzzler the emotional heft many are missing. From the trailer, there is something unnerving in the way the player is sometimes completely alone, and then suddenly not, crowded by anonymous figures trying to surge past them.

If you like the look of it too, Fracter is out now on PC and mobile. Find out more about on Steam.