Deliver Us The Moon looks like Tacoma crossed with SOMA

Interstellar strikes again.

Are you aware that the planet is dying? Did you forget for the briefest moment? Well, it’s time to remember again! We have another sci-fi adventure game focusing on the crisis, and as is so often the case in these narratives, space is the only answer. Deliver Us The Moon has a narrative we’ve heard plenty of times before, so why does this one stand out from the crowd?

In Deliver Us The Moon you are the Earth’s last astronaut and with it, it’s only hope. You and your companion, the robot ASE, must find and harness an alternative energy sauce residing on the moon. With Earth’s resources depleted, this could be the element that turns everything around. But what happened to those that were working on the energy source years previously? And why has all their communication with Earth ceased? Deliver Us The Moon moves between adventure and horror, taking us deep within the abyss that is space.

Deliver Us The Moon

Using a similar storytelling technique to the narrative game Tacoma, as you journey through the abandoned lunar space station, you can view the recordings of the people that walked these halls before you. They appear like glitchy cut-outs in the spaces they once inhabited, acting out again the hollow memories of the past. It’s a haunting affect, but it’ll depend on the strength of the dialogue as to whether these scenes are memorable.

However, the most impressive thing about Deliver Us The Moon is the visual style showcased in the trailer. Wide shots of the outer-space station interspersed with the claustrophobic interior give a feeling of suspense that you can’t always get from a game that focuses on interiors alone. Its concept may be derivative, but if the game can combine these realistic graphics with a tense narrative atmosphere, then they might still be onto a winner here.

Deliver Us The Moon will be released in full on October 10th, check out their Steam page to find out more.