Dont Starve dev’s Hot Lava is the stuff of childhood dreams

It’s Fortnite but with lava

Did you play the floor is lava as a kid? Did you realise very quickly that your living room just wasn’t equipped for you to play it properly so you just gave up after 5 minutes of cushion jumping? Me too, my friend. It’s a wonder that no-one has made this into a game already. If they have, Hot Lava is bound to grab a bit more attention. Looking like Fortnite-does-parkour, it’s got Twitch written all over it. It also certainly helps that it’s from the dev’s of Don’t Starve.

In Hot Lava, the floor, it is lava. Just like the childhood imaginary game of old, players must navigate from obstacle to obstacle to avoid the very hot, death-giving floor. Its a simple concept, that is bound to be a lot of fun for streamers and players alike. The avatars appear as doll-like versions close to Fortnite’s own avatars, decked out in colourful outfits that you see as flashes each time your character jumps and swings around their environment.

The environments themselves aim to kick you in the old nostalgia vortex too, featuring too big living rooms and warehouses that instantly feel like being in Toy Story. The game can be played in multiplayer with up to 8 friends, who can drop in and out at any time. If you find the levels leave a little to be desired, you can also workshop your own lava paths via a Unity workshop tool in-game. Just how you used to throw cushions in a random chaotic around the living room in order to challenge yourself to jump a completely improbable distance. Try not to fail so hard this time.

If Hot Lava looks like your kind of thing, check it out on Steam.