Top 5 Best Upcoming Indie Games of October 2019

October’s indie games are breathtaking.

best indie games October

It seems October is not only a busy time for the triple-A market there’s also a whole slew of colourful and cool indie games primed to hit storefronts this month. From the funky jazz of Kine to the gritty underbelly of Disco Elysium, this month’s games have a lot of character – not forgetting everyone’s favourite assassin of course. Our selection covers every genre, from puzzle, retro and horror to strategy and RPG. Everyone is catered for, so no one can complain… right?

5. Kine


Kine is a beautifully musical 3D platformer that follows the adventures of three whimsical instruments in their aspirations to be musicians. You explore the rich cityscape environment initially as a solo artist with the trio eventually coming together to form a band, in increasingly more difficult puzzles. You’ll have to twist and turn as you explore Kine’s virtual spaces, ever focused on finding the path to your big break.

Kine is all kinds of cute and has a great toe-tapping soundtrack to accompany its challenging puzzles. It’s kind of like Sudoku, relaxing and cathartic until you get stuck. Then it becomes gripping and perplexing as you try to unravel its complexities through its intertwined characters. It looks like a lot of fun.

4. Valfaris


Valfaris is an old-skool, side-scrolling shooter infused with plenty of gore accompanied by a heavy metal soundtrack. A well-proven combination in this point in gaming history. It’s brimming with explosive weapons, savage enemies and all the spirit of a heavy metal band album cover from the 1980s.

There’s something kind of satisfying to blasting apart a demonic or alien threat to a roaring chorus of guitars – Doom taught us that – and Valfaris continues the perfect tradition of metal in space, albeit with more of a retro spin. It’s not slow though, propelling you at a wicked pace through the evil entities that stand in your way. Time to turn it up to 11 and rip the galaxy a new wormhole.

3. The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside soared to Kickstarter success last year, captivating players with its striking photorealistic visuals and terrifying premise. Of all the horror games that claim to be The Scariest Thing Ever, this one really walks and talks it. It looks genuinely horrifying – just check out a trailer.

Skulking around an old-fashioned, creaky house in the middle of the woods with pale-faced spectres lurking in the shadows may not exactly be everyone’s idea of fun. But, if you’ve been waiting for something to truly scare the life out of you since Outlast, then this just might be the thing. Thick blanket to obscure the screen at scary parts not included.

2. John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex

We’re all pretty familiar with the legendary assassin John Wick by now thanks to three relatively successful films and Keanu Reeves’ pop culture resurgence. This is isn’t Wick’s first appearance in a video game, mind; there’s been a couple of other appearances and iterations in the digital world. John Wick Hex is a cel-shaded, action-oriented strategy game that follows the trained killer on his latest incursion.

With creative direction from the minds behind the films, John Wick Hex aims to bring the fast-paced, dynamic scenes from the movies to life through a blend of strategic momentum-based combat and tactical planning. It’s already picked up a host of awards and is looking every bit as breathtaking as the films, so it seems there’s plenty more to come from everyone’s favourite hitman.

1. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium

Everyone has been excited about the deep RPG Disco Elysium for a long time, as we touched on in our preview last year. This gritty look into the world of a washed-up detective on the trail of a murder seems to offer endless options and opportunities. It’s a unique blend of old-school RPG mechanics, a great story and beautifully detailed world.

Where this game really shines, though, is its writing and customisation. You can create and grow into any type of character you want, becoming the titular hero of the story or embracing your darker side to develop into a complete disaster of a human being. Either way, you’ll have an engrossing, hard-boiled narrative to explore as you unravel the mysteries in this fascinating take on the genre.

It not often RPGs as deep and detailed as this comes along, so this is one we’re really excited about.

As you can see, it looks set to be quite a colourful month. There’s a wide range of characterful indies coming so let’s hope you find time alongside all the triple-A titans vying for your attention. If you’re interested in checking out what else we think is worth your attention so far this year, then take a look at what we think are the best games of 2019.